Eris (bottom) and Dysnomia (top)
Satellite of Eris
Diameter 350 - 490 km
Discovery date 10 September 2005
Discovered by Michael E. Brown, M. A. van Dam, A. H. Bouchez, D. Le Mignant, R. D. Campbell, J. C. Y. Chin, A. Conrad, S. K. Hartman, E. M. Johansson, R. E. Lafon, D. L. Rabinowitz, P. J. Stomski Jr., D. M. Summers, C. A. Trujillo, P. L. Wizinowich
Dysnomia (or Eris I) is the only moon of the dwarf planet Eris. It is expected to be around 350 to 490 kilometers wide, but Mike Brown claims that it could be smaller at around 100 to 250 kilometers in diameter.

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